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Experience the authentic Kerala flavour and try Kerala fish curry today!

Authentic South Indian Restaurant in Edmonton

Kerala fish curry, also known as Meen curry, is a traditional dish from the Indian state of Kerala, which is known for its seafood cuisine. It is a spicy and tangy curry made with fish, coconut milk, tamarind, and a blend of aromatic.

Taste Blends is a south Indian buffet restaurant in Edmonton and a must-visit for lovers of authentic south Indian cuisine in Edmonton, and their Kerala fish curry is a standout dish that should not be missed. This flavorful curry is made with fresh fish, traditional spices, and tangy tamarind, all simmered together in rich coconut milk. The result is a deliciously creamy and aromatic dish that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. If you’re looking for a true taste of south India, be sure to try the Kerala fish curry at Taste Blends an authentic south Indian restaurant in Edmonton.

The dish is usually prepared with fish such as kingfish, mackerel, sardines, or pomfret, which are first marinated in a mixture of turmeric and salt before being cooked in the curry sauce. Taste Blends is offering Kerala rice or Kerala-style appam (a type of rice pancake), which is a staple in Kerala’s cuisine and culture.

Kerala fish curry is a popular dish among seafood lovers in India and around the world and is often considered one of the signature dishes of the region.


How Kerala fish curry is healthy?


Kerala fish curry can be a healthy dish for several reasons:

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids: Fish, especially fatty fish like mackerel. 
  • Contains spices: Kerala fish curry contains a blend of aromatic spices such as turmeric, coriander, cumin, and chili powder. Turmeric, for example, contains curcumin, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Coconut milk: Kerala fish curry is typically made with coconut milk. MCTs are a type of healthy fat that can improve brain function, aid in weight loss, and reduce inflammation.

Overall, Kerala fish curry can be a healthy dish that provides a range of important nutrients and health benefits, especially when served with fiber-rich vegetables and whole grains. However, the exact nutritional content and healthfulness of the dish can vary depending on the specific recipe and cooking methods used.

 Some variations on the traditional Kerala Fish Curry recipe


One of the best things about Kerala fish curry from Taste Blends Restaurant is that there are so many different ways to make it a unique taste each time. One variation is to add coconut milk to the curry. This gives it a rich, creamy flavor that is delicious and a little bit different from the traditional recipe. Another variation is to add a little bit of tomato paste to the curry. This will give it a slightly tangy flavor that is really tasty.

You can also add some different kinds of spices to the curry, such as cumin or coriander. This will give it a more complex flavor and make it even more delicious. Experiment with different combinations of spices and flavors to create your own unique Kerala fish curry recipe. You’re sure to find one that you love.


This dish is a must-try if you are looking for a delicious and authentic local food experience in Kerala. The fish curry is typically prepared using the traditional Kerala style of cooking, which involves slow-cooking the ingredients in coconut milk and spices to bring out the full flavor. The combination of spices and coconut milk gives the dish distinctive and heavenly. Kerala fish curry is suitable to go with Rice, Kappa (Yuca / Cassava), Appam, and Idiyappam….suits people who like tangy flavors.

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