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About us

Food is to be enjoyed

We blend our recipes together

With valued care from our chefs

Enjoyment and Significance

About Us

Meet our lovely group of hard-working people who put their pride in Taste Blends!

We blend our recipes together

With valued care from our chefs

Enjoyment and Significance

About Us

Our story in the oil capital of Canada began in early 2015 when a small group of ethnic food lovers from diverse professional backgrounds met in an apartment for a community gathering. While relishing our food and socializing, a thought of cooking and serving authentic South Indian style food to the community with a platter of mother’s recipes sprouted in the minds of two families. The passion for cooking and serving food simply based on what we believe people like to eat made us venture into small community catering in the beginning.

The Taste Blends was formed as a family-owned Partnership business in October 2018. Our business was incorporated as The Taste Blends Ltd. in September 2020.

For the past 2.5 years, the restaurant has been serving a variety of traditional South Indian cuisine with authentic taste and flavors to diverse food-loving communities and audiences in Edmonton.

People have a growing trend to try out South Indian foods like Dosas, Pothichor, Kizhi biriyani, etc. This has led to a growth in our sales for the past 2 years by nearly 50% since Taste Blends is the only restaurant in Alberta that serves these kinds of foods in its authentic taste, aroma, and form. Our curried pickle recipes are one of a kind as we manufacture them in-house without adding artificial preservatives.

The success of our business entrusts to 3S principles: sustain quality, service with a smile, and serve with gratitude! Our family values reflect through our great customer service by treating all in the way in which each of us would like to be treated.

Our management team consists of people who each bring unique skills and experiences to the business. There are 4 directors for this business and each handles individual as well as collective responsibilities. A strong passion for serving authentic quality food to the customers with hospitality binds them together and motivates them to move the business forward.

  • Marketing Manager

    Abhilash Raveendranathan (Abhi)

    Abhilash has over 8 years of managerial experience in diverse industries. He has a strong business acumen with operational management talent along with analytical skills that helped our business to sustain through the pandemic. By keeping a strong vendor relationship, he was able to source raw materials to reduce our operational costs. He has also spear-headed marketing initiatives, developing menu and other marketing materials to drive the business. Abhilash will be handling Marketing, Sourcing, Logistics and Business Relationship for the business moving forward.
  • Human Resources Manager

    Bindu Manoli

    A dynamic person with over 10 years of accounting, administration and financial management background, Bindu has been an inevitable part of our team for the past 2.5 years. Bindu has assisted our business with growing needs by employing efficient staffs to our kitchen as well performing all the bookkeeping activities. Bindu is one of the strong women faces of our business. With the expansion in pipeline, Bindu has agreed to take over the challenge in managing bookkeeping for a larger team as well as serving as our Human Resources Manager.
  • Operations Manager

    Divya Abhilash

    A multi-talented personality with over 7 years of customer service experience, Divya has been successful in managing the kitchen as well as handling customers. With a strong passion for cooking and hospitality, Divya has been the other woman leadership in our entrepreneurial venture serving our valuable customers always with a smile! Since the beginning, Divya has been the backbone in running the restaurant from all fronts and we bestow the most responsible role of Operations Manager on her.
  • Purchase Manager

    Sunil Kumar Korambath Paruthooli (Sunil)

    Sunil brings 15+ years of experience in the retail industry with a strong focus on inventory management and sales. He has owned and successfully ran retail and restaurant businesses in the past and hence serves as the pivot for our business. The whole team relies greatly on Sunil’s guidance, skills, and experience in moving the business forward. He also shares a collective vision with other board members to expand and diversify the business and would be handling the responsibilities of Inventory and Purchase Manager.