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Refund and Returns Policy


To provide the best satisfaction possible, we provide easy solutions. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns. For a faster response, please call us. Preparations regarding any orders you placed will start immediately after you placed your order. We do not confirm any cancellations after the order has been placed.

Errors cause when ordering food

If you receive any food that is different from what you ordered, we genuinely apologize. Please contact us when you realized that there is an error in your food or you may contact the third-party company. You may have to come to pick your food up.

  • For credit card payments, you will be refunded the money you gave and will be recharged for the new item.
  • For cash payments. you will be required to pay for the balance if the food is more expensive than the food that was given wrongly. Like before, you can be refunded the balance as credit. in certain situations, we can give you store credit.

Your order will be considered top priority if you want to pick it up again. Please assure you return the food along with the containers or utensils included with the food.

Incomplete Food Orders

This situation is necessarily rare but on a rare instance, you do not receive the food, we will help you.  Please call us or the third-party service as soon as you realize that some of the food was missing. You are allowed to cancel the order in this case and we will refund the amount you spent onto a credit card or we can refund you with store credit. However, cash refunds will not be available.

Please note: We also provide certain courtesy items such as disposable utensils for free. If we accidentally omit certain courtesy items, feel free to let us know so that we can share the issue with our staff.

Dissatisfaction with the food:

We cook all our food fresh and use the most freshest and most excellent ingredients. We care deeply among all the dishes we create. Refunds are only available for orders which are done wrong, are omitted, and other circumstances that are similar to this. Refunds cannot be provided for customers who simply don’t like the food.

Spice Level of certain food:

We offer a variety of choices in terms of spice level and we recommend choosing a lower version of spice since we cannot revert it after it has been chosen. We do not offer discounts for the spices but please tell us if you feel like the spice level is not enough.

Order cancelation:

Sorry but we are not able to give a refund after your order has been served if you simply change your mind and think that it is bad. We are not able to provide refund for non-store beverages.

Order Cancelled by Delivery Partner
It is sometimes possible your delivery partner may cancel the delivery if they are not able to reach you. They may contact you when they are near you so be sure to keep your phone near you always. If a delivery partner made a good amount of effort and was not able to find you, you will be given a refund.

Please note: We take lots of time and effort to make sure that your food will stay in good shape and quality as well as to keep it warm. Some food may be slightly warmer or colder than other depending on the type of food. Keep in mind the temperature, sauce, and consistency of some items may vary slightly after being packaged.

*    After around 25%  of the food has been eaten, we cannot give any discount or store credit. If the food has been played with, re packaged, or been used in any other way, we cannot provide a refund nor can we predict it’s origin. We in all cases, only refund a food for the second time and not for the 3rd time.